Mary Kate & Ashley and the Case of the Cheerleading Camp Mystery

Written by Lisa Fiedler

Reviewed by Julianna D. (age 8)

This book is about two girls named Mary Kate and Ashley. In the beginning, Mary Kate and Ashley go to a cheerleading camp with a lot of other girls. They are trying to solve a mystery of which team is the best. Then, Ashley's pom poms disappeared. At the end, Mary Kate and Ashley sneaked into the lounge through a window to check on the votes. The votes were all mixed up, so it was unfair to pick the best team.

My favorite part was when Mary Kate pretended that she was sleeping and a guard came. I enjoy reading books with Mary Kate and Ashley because they have so much fun. I also enjoyed this book because I just like to solve mysteries!

I would recommend this book to second and third graders who love Mary Kate and Ashley books and love to solve mysteries.

Julianna D. is a student in Mrs. Callan's 2nd Grade Class