The Winter of the Ice Wizard

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by SG (age 9)

Winter of the Ice Wizard is very cool! Brrr! The Ice Wizard is a very mean man. The Ice Wizard only has one eye because he traded his eye for wisdom with the Norns. Then, the Ice Wizard sent Jack and Annie to retrieve it back. After that, they went to the Norns. The Norns gave them information about the Wizard's history. They said where they could find his eye. The Norns warned them never to look directly at the Frost Giant or they would immediately freeze to death. Jack and Annie had to sneak into the Frost Giant's lair. Jack and Annie almost got caught!! They almost looked at him! What a problem! Luckily, they got away with the eye. Jack and Annie gave the eye back, and the Ice Wizard put it in. The Ice Wizard was furious! It didn't work! Will the Ice Wizard's eye ever work? Read the book and you'll find out yourself!

Wow, this book is an amazing one! One reason is because it made me wonder when Jack and Annie got a letter from Merlin. The letter said that they had to retrieve his Staff of Strength or all would be lost. I wondered what would be lost. Another reason it made me wonder was because his Staff of Strength was never stolen, so I wondered if the letter was really from Merlin.

This book also made me scared, excited, and it took me on an adventure. I almost cried to my mom when the white wolves were chasing Jack and Annie. It made me excited because it was like a race, wolves vs. humans! Who would win? I hoped that the humans would win. I thought it was adventures because they got to journey to the Land-Behind-the-Clouds. All they had to do is point to the letter and wish they were there! That is so cool.

CAUTION! CAUTION! If you don't like emotional, exiting books, this is not the book for you! I recommend this book to adventurous people who take chances.

SG is a student in Ms. Forte's 3rd Grade Class