The Enormous Crocodile

Written by Roald Dahl
Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Reviewed by Jony Y. (age 9) and Ji Won Y. (age 8)

"Children are too tough and chewy, nasty and bitter!" This hilarious book of the Enormous Crocodile will make you explode with laughter. The naughty enormous crocodile tried to eat some kids but all the animals he ever annoyed beat him up before he gets a chance.

The Enormous Crocodile is like "Fantastic Mr. Fox" because they are both funny and written by Roald Dahl. We recommend this book to animal lovers and kids who can survive explosions of laughter. We recommend this book because it is funny and easy to read and you can sit back and relax on it. "What awful tommy-rot you talk!", said the Enormous Crocodile. "Children are juicy and yummy!"

Jony Y. and Ji Won Y. are students in Mrs. Barbagallo's 3rd Grade Class