The Magician's Nephew

Written by C.S. Lewis
Illustrated by Pauline Baynes

Reviewed by Madison J (age 11)

When Digory and Polly stumble upon a door they couldn't help but open it. But when they did, they came upon Digory's uncle Andrew and an adventure waiting to meet them. But before they could leave, Uncle Andrew insists on giving a lovely ring to Polly. Polly touches the beautiful ring and ends up gazing upon thousands of pools. Digory is so upset that he touches one of the brightly colored rings and comes in after her. Then, they jump into another pool and meet the evil witch Jadis, who makes Polly and Digory's trip a lot harder. In their attempt to return the witch to her own world they get transported to another world called Narnia. They then meet one very important animal named Aslan the great lion. They soon start to realize that getting out of Narnia won't be easy. Digory is sent to get a silver apple for Aslan, but there adventure is not yet over. Will they get out of Narnia? Will Jadis be ruler of their world? Read this book to find out!!

Someone that changed in this book was Digory. In the beginning of the book he was very stubborn and liked to get his hands on everything. Towards the end when he was grabbing the silver apples, he was so anxious to get one for himself but he didn't! But if that was the old Digory I think he would.

My favorite part in this book is when all the animals were trying to plant Uncle Andrew like a seed because they thought he was going to grow into a tree. One unique part in this book was the talking animals. I think this was a unique thing because it was a magic touch to this perfect book!

I liked this book because it was very realistic. It was a neat book to read because it was not like any other book I have ever read. I also liked this book because it felt like you were in another world.

I recommend this book because if you have read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe it catches you up and you start to realize why he said that, or how Narnia came to be.

An audience that would like this book is someone who likes action and adventure. Someone who would like a cliffhanger after each chapter and someone who would like to laugh.

Madison J is a student in Ms. Green's 5th Grade Class