Small Steps

Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Shelby G (age 9)

Small Steps illustration will appear here.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to just keep reading the book and never stop it? Well that's the way you feel when you read Small Steps. In this book you learn about Armpit from Holes and how he meets a famous singer with his friend Ginny. There was no lesson to learn but it was just a fun to read book.

The book was fun to read because it had an interesting plot and was easy to follow. My favorite part was when Armpit gave his speech about Coo, one of Ginny's stuffed animals. I liked that part because it was fun to see that Armpit isn't bad and he cares about Ginny and Coo. Ginny was my favorite character because she had her own imagination. Even though she was born with blood on her brain, she's determined to be just like everybody else.

What's unique about the book is that it's different than other chapter books because it has an easier plot to follow and still interesting. This is not like Holes because he was trying to stay someplace instead of leave it. It is partially part of a series because it's only a sequel, but probably is going to become part of a series. It's similar to the first book because it's about somebody from Camp Green Lake.

I recommend this book because it's fun to read. People who liked Holes would like this book.

Shelby G is a student in Mrs. Appell's 4th and 5th Grade Class