Cool Cars

Written by Seymour Simon • Illustrated by Seymour Simon

Reviewed by Keaton & Austen (age 7)

This book is about lots of cool cars. There are old cars, Nascars, and really fast cars. Also, it tells some information about cool cars. It has a few slow cars, too.

I liked it when they showed us a picture of the SCC, and gave information about the SCC car. The book reminds me of being in my car, with my dad driving down the highway. The pictures are real pictures of cool cars. When I am old enough to drive I hope I can get a cool car.

I recommend this book to people who like cars because the book is full of pictures of cool cars. I think that first and second graders would like this book because of the pictures. The illustrator has done many books on different topics, so if you like the cool car pictures, you will probably like other books by him.

Keaton & Austen is a student in Mrs. Shearer's and Mrs. MacMurdo's 1st and 4th Grades