The Revenge of the Baby-Sat

Written by Bill Watterson
Illustrated by Bill Watterson

Reviewed by Jaccie A. (age 9), Samar H. (age 9) and Catherine L. (age 9)

"Crunch! Crunch!" Calvin and Hobbes are now eating sugar bombs. Calvin throws water balloons at his friends. These are some of the craziest things that the characters do. Calvin and Hobbes treat their babysitter like they're baby sitting her. The characters in this book are very silly. Calvin is very picky on his food that he eats. He doesn't like radishes, spinach or broccoli.

You should read this book because it will make you laugh. Also, it has funny subjects like Calvin wants it to snow but it's summer. If you like comics and things that come alive when they are not supposed to you should read this collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Jaccie A., Samar H. and Catherine L. are students in Mrs. Barbagallo's 3rd Grade Class