The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Written by Liz Kessler
Illustrated by Sarah Gibb

Reviewed by Jenna W (age 10)

Imagine never being able to go into the water until your swim class at school! Well that is what has happened to Emily Windsnap. She has a secret that she is entrusting us with. That secret is that she is a mermaid. The setting is both under water and above water. During this book Emily meets a new friend (who is also a mermaid). Emily also figures out the mystery of her missing father (who is a merman), and her mom gets her memory wiped out.

The descriptions gave me a really good picture of what was happening. I was really surprised when Emily turned into a mermaid. It was kind of scary when her mom gets her memory wiped. I felt really happy when she meets her new friend. Also it gets creepy when Emily and her friend find a sunken ship.

I would really recommend this to girls who love mermaids, mermen, King Neptune, and fiction.

Jenna W is a student in Mrs. Appell's 4th and 5th Grade Class