The Haunted House

Written by Jane Yoen
Illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami

Reviewed by Kyle O. (age 9) and Arif M. (age 8)

People keep moving in and out of the Haunted House because the people move in, see a ghost, and move out. Then the other family moves in and sees a ghost and so on. In every chapter there's different ghost in a different room. The main characters that get most of the attention are: Lyssa who is a the first person who comes up in the book; Kelly who plays with paper dolls; Benjie who hears a ghost singing "Biscuits of Glory"; and Mark and Sally who see a ghost eat a dog, a chandelier and a boy.

We recommend this book to people who enjoy reading scary stories. We think this book is a great book because we enjoy scary stories. We also recommend this book to people who don' t get nightmares easily.

Kyle O. and Arif M. are students in Mrs. Barbagallo's 3rd Grade Class