Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett

Written by Alice Flanagan • Illustrated by Christine Osinski

Reviewed by Jasmine L. (age 7)

Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett illustration will appear here.

Have you ever wondered what a ranger does? To find out what a ranger does then read Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett. The author tells you about Ranger Dockett and shows what he does. Ranger Dockett teaches people to care for green plants because green plants make the park look cleaner. He also teaches students all about nature, animals, and insects. I think you should read Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett because it's a nature book.

My favorite part was when Ranger Dockett brought up mud from the bottom of the pond. This was my favorite part because he got to touch the squishy mud. I thought this book was splendid. This book is splendid because the author used many describing words. This book was special because it's nonfiction.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes nature.

Jasmine L. is a student in Miss McCollom's 2nd Grade Class