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Reviewed by Tyler C. (age 6)

Guess what? There is a new horse on the farm. He is a colt. He was just born but he already weighs one hundred pounds. In a very short time he could stand by himself. The new colt is a beautiful light brown color. This book is nonfiction and tells you how to take care of a horse and maybe someday ride a horse.

My favorite part in this story is when the baby is born. I liked this book because the pictures show you how to take care of a horse. This book taught me a lot about taking care of a new baby horse.

I recommend this book to first graders or kindergartners who like horses. It is a true story and you will learn a lot like feeding, brushing and riding a horse.

You should read this book because it is about a baby horse which is called a colt.

Tyler C. is a student in Mrs. Knuth's 1st Grade Class