Frog and Toad Together

Written by Arnold Lobel

Reviewed by Maria P. (age 7)

In the story, "In the Garden," Toad tells Frog he has a fine garden. Then Frog gave Toad some flower seeds to grow his own garden. He planted them and they didn't grow. Toad did many things to get the seeds to grow. He read the seeds a book. He waited and waited.

My favorite part was when Toad was reading poems and singing songs to the seeds. He really loved his seeds. I liked it because it took some time for the seeds to grow because seeds don't grow all at once. I like gardening, we have a garden like Frogs at my school.

The author made me laugh when Toad was trying to make his seeds grow. You can learn about gardening from reading this book.

Maria P. is a student in Ms. Grimes' 2nd Grade Class