Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Written by John Steptoe • Illustrated by John Steptoe

Reviewed by Erica L. (age 7)

In Mufaro?s Beautiful Daughters, you get to find a moral! In this story, Manyara is jealous of her sister, Nyasha, because, in Manyara?s point of view, everyone likes Nyasha more. She also thinks their father, Mufaro, loves Nyasha best. One day, a messenger tells Mufaro, Nyasha, and Manyara that the Great King wants a wife. Mufaro talks to Nyasha and Manyara: ?It would be a great honor to have one of you chosen?. Which will he choose? Read Mufaro?s Beautiful Daughters to find out.

I like the pictures because they look life-like and the pictures have lots of details. The words explain the pictures. Where you see Nyasha and a snake in the garden, the words explain that the plant is a yam vine and why Nyasha is happy that the snake is there. It eats things that would eat her vegetables.

I like Nyasha better because she is kind. Manyara feels that kindness is only weakness. When she meets a hungry boy, she is selfish, ?I have only brought enough for myself.?. Nyasha hands the boy a yam which ?she had brought for her lunch?.

I haven?t read any other book like this. I think this is a fantastic African tale that everyone should enjoy. Adults should read this book to their children, nieces, or nephews.

Erica L. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class