The Secrets of Droon

Written by Tony Abbott
Illustrated by Tim Jessell

Reviewed by Kevin T. (age 9)

In the Secrets of Droon: Journey to the Volcano Palace, Eric, Julie, and Neal are children who discover a magic world under Eric?s basement. When they go there they meet a wizard, Keeah, Lumpies, and Max. As the kids go on an adventure, suddenly a bad guy named Sparr steals a magic jewel from Keeah because Eric knows Sparr?s secret. The friends go to different places within the magic world to stop Sparr even if it might take their lives!

My favorite part in the book is when Sparr steals the jewel using magic. You really want to know what will happen next. I kept wondering what he planned to do with the jewel.

This book reminds me of the time my brother stole a game from me. I was angry at him for taking something that belonged to me just like the kids were angry at Sparr for taking what belongs to them.

My favorite character is Eric. He ends up getting a really cool special power after Keeah zaps him by mistake. With his finger, Eric can throw sparks at people.

This same author has written several other stories with the same characters. All the books follow kids taking a journey through the magical land of Droon. In the other books, the kids go to different places.

I do recommend the book because you could learn more about fantastical settings. I think a third grader or a fourth grader would like it.

Kevin T. is a student in Mrs. LaRoche's 4th Grade Class