The Mystery of the Stolen Bike

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Corey C. (age 10)

Have you ever had a stolen bike before? You were probably upset. That?s how Francine felt in this Arthur book when her bike gets taken. One day the Frensky?s were eating?but not Francine. She wanted her dad to fix up her broken bike. He fixed it all right. When he was done it looked like a burnt orange banana. Francine hated it, but she rode it to school anyway. Later that day, when Francine was fighting with Arthur because he laughed at her bike, some trash men picked it up and tossed it in the garbage truck. Francine thought it was stolen! Does she get her bike back? Does she want it back? Will her friends laugh at her again? Read the book to find out more.

I really liked this book because it had a lot of action. Francine was very upset when her bike was missing so she created a bunch of signs with pictures of her bike. She went around asking everyone if they had seen her bike.

My favorite character was Arthur because was very friendly and helpful. He helped Francine tape up her missing bike posters to walls and trees. I think he was a true friend.

The best part of the book was when Francine was upset when Arthur and Buster were teasing her about the bike. While they were arguing, the bike disappeared. Francine went from mad to sad!

This book reminds me of the time when my basketball goal was stolen by some boys in the neighborhood. I was really upset because it was something special my mother had given me. I even started crying. I know how Francine felt when she lost the bike her father had fixed up.

I recommend this book to all my friends, children, and adults. They would like this book because they might understand how Francine feels.

Corey C. is a student in Mrs. LaRoche's 4th Grade Class