Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

Written by Suzy Kline
Illustrated by Frank Remkieicz

Reviewed by Brittany G. (age 10)

Harry and Song Lee are partners during their classroom?s Show and Tell time. Harry?s best friend is mad at him because he wanted to be Harry?s partner instead of Song Lee. Will he and Harry speak again? And what will Harry and Song Lee make for their project? Read the book to find out.

Horrible Harry reminds me of my little brother. My little brother John is a troublemaker just like Harry is in the book. Harry plays tricks on people just like John plays tricks on me!

Harry is my favorite character because he?s a troublemaker. He?s always acting up in class, like the time he loosened the screws in the teacher?s chair and it fell apart. I laughed out loud.

My favorite part is in chapter two when Harry?s group plays the ?deadly skit? about smoking. The teacher backs up into the blackboard when she saw the skit because she thought someone was actually going to die.

This story reminded me of other books by Suzy Kline. She has written many other books about Horrible Harry, and they are all very funny as they follow his adventures in school.

I recommend this book to families who love adventures and friendly stories. Pick it up today!

Brittany G. is a student in Mrs. LaRoche's 4th Grade Class