Peanut Butter Rhino

Written by Vincent Andriani • Illustrated by Vincent Andriani

Reviewed by AlainaW (age 8)

This book is about Rhino. He is going to his friend's house. He makes a peanut butter sandwich to take with him. Then he loses his sandwich. He looks everywhere for it, but he cannot find it. He asks the monkey and the lion to help him find it. All of the time it is stuck to his bottom because he sat on it!

I liked this story because it is so funny! Rhino is looking everywhere and all the time we can see his sandwich, but he doesn't know where it is! I like the way Vincent Andriani drew the pictures of Rhino. It made me laugh when I saw the peanut butter squishing on his bottom. I liked the way the animals tried to help him find his sandwich and the way his friend shared with him.

This book is a very funny book. My mom and dad love it, too. I think children and adults will laugh at this book. You will be cheering for the rhino at the end of the story.

AlainaW is a student in Mrs. Elza's 2nd Grade Class