The Magic Fish

Written by Freya Littledale • Illustrated by Winslow Pinney Pels

Reviewed by Trevion A. (age 7)

There was a man whose wife was not happy. He went down to the lake to catch some fish. The fish was really a prince, so he said, "Put me back". He asked him "Can you give my wife something?" And the wish came true.

The dog is funny in the pictures. He is staring at everything that they got from the wish. He can't believe it. He got a new bed. I didn't like the wife. She was mean. She asked him every day to go to the lake to tell the fish that she wants more and more. The man was funny. He always sits around until his wife calls him to do something. He was nice to do all that stuff for her.

People who like fish would like this story. People who like to go down to the lake and sometimes fish would like it. People who like fairy tales would like it too. All ages would like it

Trevion A. is a student in Ms. Gallant's 1st Grade through 3rd Grade Class