Bark, George

Written by Jules Feiffer • Illustrated by Jules Feiffer

Reviewed by Megan M. (age 9)

The book is about a dog named George. He keeps on barking and making other sounds like animals. He makes the sounds because he ate some animals like a pig, cow, duck, and a cat.

I like this book because it is funny. It was funny when George ate a pig, duck, cow, and a cat.

My favorite part was when George talked like different animals. It was funny when a dog barked and out came the sounds of different animals.

When I read the book I felt like I was in the book. I could imagine being George and making funny sounds.

I recommend this book to everybody because it is a fun book to read to make you happy.

Megan M. is a student in Mrs. Anderson's and Mrs. Giammusso's 2nd /3rd Grade Class