The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin

Written by Beatrix Potter • Illustrated by Beatrix Potter

Reviewed by Hali C. (age 7)

This book is about a squirrel named Nutkin. He has a brother named Twinkleberry and has many cousins. The problem is Nutkin does not know his manners. Can he learn his manners? Read the book and find out!

My favorite part is when Old Brown, the owl, carried Nutkin into his house and held him by the tail and was planning to skin him. But Nutkin pulled so hard his tail broke in two! It is my favorite part because it is a funny part when Nutkin only had a part of his tail left on his body.

I liked Nutkin because he was the main character in this book. I liked that he always spoke in rhymes. I like this because I like to read rhymes and his rhymes are very funny. Once he said one to Old Mr. Brown and that is what got him in trouble.

Something special about this book was when the squirrels made rafts and used their tails as a sail. It was so cute, I really liked that part. They were sailing to an island and they got there. They were going to give Mr. Brown presents so they could collect nuts from him.

I recommend this book to 2nd and 3rd graders. It is an easy book, but is also challenging to read. I think my mom will like this book too because she really likes nursery rhyme books and this book is like a nursery rhyme.

Hali C. is a student in Ms. Finch's 2nd/3rd Grade Class