Franklin's School Play

Written by Paulette Bourgeois • Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Erik G. (age 7)

The book was about a turtle named Franklin. He was in a play. He had lots of friends. The big idea was for Franklin to do the play. The kids were getting their lines then Franklin was looking at a book. Then he practiced his lines. Then his friends were practicing their lines too. Franklin was hiding because he needed a quite place to read his lines. Then all his friends thought he was just hiding from them. They passed out the program. Everybody came to the play. Then Franklin put a program in his book.

I like the part when Franklin practices his lines and everytime they open the curtain Franklin wouldn't say his lines because he was too afraid to say them. I liked this part because I liked that he didn't mess up his lines even though he didn't say them.

My favorite characters were Franklin and Bear because they were really good friends. They showed they were good friends because they were always together and played games. They were also in the play together.

When I was in a play once it was fun. The name of my play was Going Buggy. It reminded me about Franklin's play because we were bugs and Franklin was the Nutcracker. I recommend that you read Franklin's School Play. It is fun to read because Franklin is in a play and he liked it then when the curtain opened he choked.

I think kids my age would like this because it is fun to read because Franklin finally got the play done.

Erik G. is a student in Ms. Finch's 2nd/3rd Grade Class