The Three Investigators: The Mystery of Skeleton Island

Written by Robert Arthur

Reviewed by Sam W. (age 8)

This story is about three kids named Pete, Bob, and Jupiter who go to Skeleton Island to find Pete's dad. When they get there they discover a haunted park. Then the lights blink on and off. They run to a boat and then they see a ghost. Later on in the story they find Pete's dad and they meet Chris, whom they try to keep out of trouble. This story has a lot of action.

I like this story because it has a lot of action and adventure. My favorite part is when five boys go scuba diving and they find a pirate ship. I also like it because it has some mystery in it, and I like reading mysteries. I pretty much wanted to read the whole book and see what happened at the end. This book is part of a great series, and I've read lots of books in the series. That's another reason why I like this book.

I think that first graders and second graders would like this book because it's a long chapter book and sort of a grown-up story. I also think they would like it because it has lots of action in it and because it is a mystery.

Sam W. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class