The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks

Written by Joanna Cole

Reviewed by K. B. (age 5)

This book is about 7 kids and a teacher on a school bus. They went up up to a big cloud and got stuck in rain drops and fell into a water reservoir. They followed the arrows in the water tank and went up a sewer and came out of a sink in school.

I liked this story because it has a lot of arrows and the water reminds me of a pool party I'm going to. I like when the kids swim in the water cloud in the sky and then swim in a big water tank. It was funny when they all came out of the faucet one by one into the girls bathroom.

I think that anybody that likes water and swimming pools should read this book because they might like it since I did and I want to read it again.

(This review was dictated to Ms. Finucane.)

K. B. is a student in Ms. Finucane's Kindergarten Class