Beauty and the Beast "Friends Are Sweet"

Written by Jennifer Liberts • Illustrated by Darrell Baker

Reviewed by Emily F. (age 5)

Belle is a girl who likes to bake. She is helping Chip bake cupcakes for his mom's birthday. They look all over the castle for Lumiere who needs to light the candles on the cupcakes. Will they find him in time? Read this book to find out if they got to have the party for Chip's mom.

I like all of the stories about Belle. She is my favorite character in the Beauty and the Beast stories. My favorite part of this story was when Belle looked for Lumiere in the castle. Some of the places she looked were very scary.

I would recommend this book to my sister Allison. She likes to read fairy tales.

(This review was dictated.)

Emily F. is a student in Mrs. Martin's Kindergarten Class