Yertle the Turtle

Written by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Aiden S. (age 6)

My favorite story in this book was "Gertrude McFuzz". It was about a bird named Gertrude McFuzz. She was jealous of another bird in the story who was prettier. Gertrude only had one tail feather and the other bird had two. Gertrude went to her uncle to get some help.

I liked this story because it was about jealousy. Gertrude's uncle helped her solve her problem. My favorite part was when she ate all of the berries and grew new tail feathers.

I would recommend this book to my grandma because she planted flowers to bring birds into her garden. She loves birds. She is even going to put plants on her roof. She is rich so she can buy a lot of plants.

Aiden S. is a student in Mrs. Martin's Kindergarten Class