The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss • Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Francisco G. (age 7)

First the cat came to the house and he made a mess. Sally said "Stop making a mess." Then Thing One and Thing Two came and messed up the house more. The cat was on a ball and he had three books on his arms and a cake on his head. The cat was playing with Thing One and Thing Two. The cat was telling Thing One and Thing Two to mess up the house more. The cat said "Don?t worry, I will clean up the house." Then the cat came to the house and cleaned up. The mother said "Nice, you did good today." They were all happy and their mother was happy to see the house clean. The mother said, "I will let you play in the park." The house was clean and Sally and her brother were playing with the basketball.

This book reminds me of my little baby sister when she was playing ball with the cat. She was playing so much she made a mess in the house. My mother was not happy because she made a mess. I like this book because the characters could do anything that they wanted to do. This book is funny because it has a cat that never listens to any kids. I like the pictures because they are colorful. The cat has a very big hat. It is red and white. I like the words because they rhyme a lot. When the cat makes a mess, Sally and Jack tell the cat to stop but he keeps on making a mess with Thing One and Thing Two. The Cat in the Hat is funny because he can make funny jokes. The book is funny because the cat always says don?t worry. Thing Two is funny because he said "this house is a mess" when Thing Two messed the house up. I will be here every day to clean the house up. I like the book because the characters are funny because sally?s brother could drive a car. And he is only twelve years old. Jack said to Sally?s brother, "I will be your friend forever." My favorite part is when the cat takes the fish and puts it on the point of the umbrella.

I want to recommend this book to my whole family because they like to make a mess in the house. I would recommend this book to people from 1 year old all the way to 12 years old would like this book because it is funny, it has a lot of good jokes and the cat is crazy and lazy sometimes. And Dr. Seuss makes rhymes like that!

Francisco G. is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Yankees (2004-2005)