Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Jalen J. (age 9)

This is the second book about Fudge and Peter Hatcher. The first one was "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing". Mom, Dad, Peter, and Fudge move to Princeton. Mom had a baby named Tootsie. Peter gets a friend named Alex and they dig worms for some old lady. Fudge gets a friend named Daniel. Peter falls in love with a girl named Joanne. They go to the movies and Peter and Joanne hold hands together. Their class had a Christmas party and they had to kiss under a mistletoe. Fudge and his friend go to a bakey because Peter and his friend go on a picnic. They get in trouble with their parents and their bikes get taken away. In the end, they decide to move back to New York.

My favorite characters were Daniel and Fudge. They were hilarious! I liked the time when Fudge dropped an ice cube down Peter's shirt on Peter's date. Man that was great! I also liked when Daniel kept on saying "You want to make something of it." My favorite part was when Fudge and Daniel went to the bakery and their moms were worried. Daniel's mom and Fudge's dad went looking for them. When they found them, Fudge told his mom that he had some brownies for her but then their bikes got taken away for a month. Fudge got what he deserved! I like this book because it was funny throughout the whole book. I think this is my new favorite book. I think this author is good, too.

I recommend this book because it is very, very funny! I think other kids in third grade and adults should read this book.

Jalen J. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd/3rd Grade Class