Skeleton Man

Written by Joseph Bruchac • Illustrated by Joseph Bruchac

Reviewed by Wyatt P. (age 8)

This book is about a girl called Molly and her so-called uncle named Skeleton Man. One day after school, he came to pick her up and brought her to his house. He locked her in a room. Then she had a weird dream about a rabbit. He led her to an old, old waterfall. She found the Skeleton Man's camera room. In the room, she looked at a picture of her mom with tape over her mouth. Then she threw a rock at the window of the house. When Skeleton Man went to see what was going on, she found her mom and dad in the shed. Then she led Skeleton Man to a ravine. He fell into the ravine, but he was never seen again. Then her dad came and picked her up from that big ravine.

My favorite part of the story was when Molly bent the branch back and let it go and it hit Skeleton Man. Then he went flying back. I also liked when they went over some weak wood, and Molly's leg fell in and Skeleton Man grabbed her leg and she started kick him and he fell down the ravine. I like Molly the best because she is a brave girl and she is not like other people. Skeleton Man was cool, too. He was a sneaky person and he was a scary man. Ms.Shabbas, Molly's teacher, was a real detective - that's all I got to say. When I read this book, I felt scared and I was wondering if Molly was ever going to get away. I thought Skeleton Man was going fall apart, and I thought Ms. Shabbas was never going to help.

I recommend this book a lot. I think it was a great mystery book. Kids over seven can read it.

Wyatt P. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd/3rd Grade Class