Mushroom in the Rain

Written by Mirra Ginsburg • Illustrated by Jose Aruego&Ariane Dewey

Reviewed by Luis I. (age 5)

The Ant finds a place to hide when it is raining. It is a tiny mushroom. His friends don't want to get wet and they ask him to let them come in. It is too little and they have to push and push to get in. Then the mushroom begins to grow bigger. Then they help a bunny hide when a fox comes looking for him.

I like the part when they trick the fox but then a frog laughs at them because he knows something they don't know. It's the rain that makes the mushroom grow bigger.

If you like to read about animals helping each other, you will like this book. (This story was dictated)

Luis I. is a student in Mrs. Perez's Kindergarten Class