Tough Boris

Written by Mem Fox • Illustrated by Kathryn Brown

Reviewed by Jakob B. (age 7) and Ernesto A. (age 7)

This book is about a scary, mean, greedy, and fearless pirate and what happens when his favorite pet parrot dies.

We liked this book because we like pirates. Tough Boris looks so mean. When his parrot dies he gets sad. He cries. The other pirates cry. We didn't know that pirates cry. We thought they were always mean. The pictures are so cool. They show what it is like to be a pirate out at sea. There are gigantic pictures on every page. There are not many words in this book. Most of the words tell about the way Tough Boris acts.

If you have ever had a favorite pet die this is a good book for you to read.

Jakob B. and Ernesto A. are students in Mrs. Mazzei's 1st Grade Class