Good Work Amelia Bedelia

Written by Peggy Parish • Illustrated by Lynn Sweat

Reviewed by Sho W. (age 6)

Good Work Amelia Bedelia illustration will appear here.

Amelia Bedelia is always doing something funny and I learned that sometimes grownups are silly.

I would recommend this book becuase it's funny and I liked having it read to me. My favorite part was when Amelia Bedelia made a sponge cake. It's kind of funny because it's not supposed to be made with a real sponge! Amelia Bedelia is a character I liked because she does everything funny, funny, funny. It made me wonder if there are real people who are silly like Amelia Bedelia.

(This review was dictated by the student.)

Sho W. is a student in Vicki's Kindergarten Class