The Secret School

Written by Avi

Reviewed by Cullen C. (age 7)

Ida really loves school and wants to become a teacher. But when Ida's teacher has to leave before school is out to go take care of her sick mother, Ida may not be able to take her final exams. Without her teacher, Ida couldn't pass on to high school and become a teacher. She decides to keep her one-room schoolhouse open all by herself. Ida had a good dream to be a teacher. And she worked really hard not to let her dream go away.

I actually thought this book was good because I like school. I like the way Avi explained it in the story, and he really put feelings into it. I don't think the book ever got boring. My favorite part was reading about Tom, one of the students who built a radio all by himself! All the kids were excited because the radio let them listen to news all over the world. It was my favorite part because I thought it would be cool to build a radio. Tom reminded me of myself because he and I act a lot alike, and we want the same things, like to know how to drive. The book made me feel like following my dreams.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes school because it is about a girl that keeps a school open and everything she has to do to become a teacher. I liked all the characters. I liked the way Avi explained the story because it never got boring ever, ever, ever.

Cullen C. is a student in Mrs. Zimmerman's 2nd Grade Class