The Dinasaura's New Clothes, Part 2

Written by Ben Birt & Becky Strogins • Illustrated by Albert Roob

Reviewed by Jessica U. (age 8)

Dinasaura tries to get new clothes for the ball. The clothes get dirty. She is visited by a fairy who gives her new clothes. In the end, she marries the King.

My favorite part of this book is when Dinasaura falls down in a pile of mud. My least favorite character is the maid, because she is mean to Dinasaura. This book reminds me of Cinderella, because both of their new clothes were ruined.

The story has pictures, but they don't help to tell the story. You must read the book to understand. I think others should read this book, because it is really funny.

Jessica U. is a student in Mrs. Merha's 2nd Grade Class