The Littles Go Exploring

Written by John Peterson

Reviewed by Preston W. (age 9)

Have you ever imagined yourself small in a giant world? In this book the Little family wanted to find out what happened to their grandfather, who never returned from his journey in the forest. The papers and maps that grandpa left behind were the only clues to find out what happened to him. All of the conversations and wonderings about grandpa became the quest of their lives. So join in the adventure of narrow escapes and dodging dangerous encounters as the Littles search endlessly in the vast forest for their grandfather.

My favorite part was when the boat crashed on land and got stuck because the loud crackle of the boat and the scene created a movie in my mind. This story kept making me change the page each second because it was so interesting. When I read this book it made me think of my grandparents and I wondered if my grandpa got stuck in the forest could my family find him?

I recommend this book to all the people that like a plot with adventure and excitement. People who adore the Littles could read this book and like the gigantic world that they live in.

Preston W. is a student in Mrs. Boyack's 3rd Grade Class