Junie B. Jones Is (Almost) A Flower Girl

Written by Barbara Park
Illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Reviewed by Makenzie V. (age 9)

Have you ever wanted something so bad and everything you did just messed it up? This is how Junie B. Jones feels when she tells her Aunt Flo that she wants to be her flower girl at the wedding. Instead, she grabs the flower basket right out of Bo's hands at the wedding. Unbelievably, they become friends later at the wedding. Junie B. Jones and Bo become best friends forever!

My favorite part was when Junie B. Jones was at the wedding and she took the flower basket out of Bo's hands, because that was surprising! I also liked the book, because it was full of funny parts like when Junie's mom tells her about loose feet and Junie did not understand that idiom. I thought that it was the best book I have ever read, because I couldn't stop reading in order to find out what happened next!

I recommend this book for children, because they have kid problems in the story. I also recommend this book to Sierra, a friend, because she is nice and kind like one of the characters, Aunt Flo.

Makenzie V. is a student in Mrs. Boyack's 3rd Grade Class