Written by Brian Jaques
Illustrated by Gary Chalk

Reviewed by Raul M. (age 8)

Imagine yourself as a small animal living in medieval times. Redwall is a story about many different animals on a quest. Matthias, who is a mouse, is on a treacherous journey to find something special for their abbey. Matthias and other peaceful woodland creatures are in a battle against Cluny and his horrible horde. There are a lot of battles on the quest. Will Matthias find that special something so he can gain the power?

My favorite character is Matthias, the little mouse, because he goes on the quest and is a phenomenal leader. I also like to read about animals and medieval times and this book has both in it. The author, Brian Jacques, is terrific because he spent a lot of time creating this book with plenty of exciting events.

This story is written by the best-selling author, Brian Jacques, so I highly recommend this book. Also, if you like animals and medieval times, then you would enjoy reading about this plot. Furthermore, because the story bursts open my imagination, you might want to read Redwall.

Raul M. is a student in Mrs. Boyack's 3rd Grade Class