Care Bears - Catch the Christmas Spirit

Written by Katie Tait • Illustrated by Artful Doodlers

Reviewed by Hailey S. (age 4)

This book is about carebears and Christmas spirit. Grumpy Bear is grumpy. Grumpy Bear's friends try to make Grumpy Bear happy. His friends gave him three things: boots, cookies, and a present. At the end of the story Grumpy Bear got into the Christmas Spirit.

I like when the bears are getting presents when Grumpy Bear got in the Christmas Spirit. I like when Grumpy got new snow boots because he likes new snow boots.

He says, "New snow boots! Just what I wanted!"

I like this book. Girls would like this too.

(This review was dictated.)

Hailey S. is a student in Mrs. Rainey and Mrs. Wheeler's Pre-K Class