Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

Written by Joseph Slate • Illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Reviewed by Jordana G. (age 5) and Amanda F. (age 7)

It is a name alphabet book. For an example, A is for Adam, B is for Brenda and C is for Christopher. And not only do their names go in order but they are animals and Adam is an alligator and Brenda is a beaver. The kids are getting ready for kindergarten. The teacher is busy getting ready for kindergarten also. The teacher is getting the blocks sorted. The teacher is also getting ready by putting the books on the shelf. The kids are getting ready by eating breakfast and getting dressed.

We recommend this book because it reminds us of our first day in kindergarten. We like this book because it's an ABC book.

Jordana G. and Amanda F. are students in Pam's K-1 Class