The Zack Files- Zap! I'm a Mind Reader

Written by Dan Greenburg

Reviewed by D.R. (age 9)

This book is about a boy named Zach. Zach is in fifth grade and loves science experiments. One day at the Hyde White School for Boys, Zach's teacher, Mrs. Coleman-Levin helped the class with a science experiment. Zach held an electric car and touched water. Zach gets the power to read minds. At first he thinks it's cool but he learns it's not fun when you get headaches from other people's thoughts.

I like this book because it's a weird science fiction book. This book is different from the other books in this series because Zach usually travels into a different dimension. My favorite part is when Zach reads the nurse's mind. The nurse thought, "Stupid klutz, You're lucky you didn't electrocute yourself." I thought that was pretty funny. I wonder what it would be like to read people's minds.

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries because Zach tries to find the killer in his school. I also recommend this book to people who like books that are about people with special powers because Zach has the power to read minds. Finally, I recommend this book to people who like books with surprise endings because this book has one. I loved this book!

D.R. is a student in Mrs. Forte's Class 4B