Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party

Written by A .A. Milne • Illustrated by Ernerst H. Shepard

Reviewed by Group 1's Class

Do you know a hero? Well, I do. After you read this story you will know one too. The main idea of the story is Christopher Robin giving Pooh a party. Christopher Robin threw a party for Pooh because Pooh showed how brave and courageous he was. The first detail about the story is Christopher Robin giving Pooh a party in honor of Pooh to thank him for saving Piglet from the flood. The second detail is Christopher giving Pooh a special pencil case with blue, red, and green pencils. Pooh was very happy.

I liked the illustrations because it gives you a better view of the story. The illustrations also bring out the unique qualities of the characters. The illustrations give you a good idea of what the setting is like.

The lesson I learned from this book is when you do good deeds from the heart for others, you will get rewarded.

I would recommend this book to a friend because it is an enjoyable book. I can relate to this book because when I helped my friend clean up her room, I was rewarded. Most importantly, this book teaches a life lesson.

Union Chapel's Group 1 (2002-2003)