The Frog Prince Continued

Written by Jon Scieszka
Illustrated by Steve Johnson

Reviewed by Caroline P. (age 9)

In the beginning of this story, the frog prince is a prince because he was kissed by a princess and they did not live happily ever after. The prince and princess always get on each others' nerves. The princess wants the prince to go outside and kill a dragon. The prince only wants to stay inside and read books. So one night the princess said that she thinks he should still be a frog.

Then he runs into the forest to find a witch to turn him back into a frog. He runs into three witches but the witches are all really, really mean. Then he runs into a fairy godmother and she turns him into something unusual.

I think that the frog prince was very interesting because he is funny. At first, he stays inside. Then he goes on a huge adventure.

My favorite part was when the frog prince went for an adventure in the forest. I think that was really cool. It was cool because he goes to a lot of different places and meets different people.

This book reminds me of all fairy tales. It also reminds me of a lot of funny books like Snow White because Snow White is funny and it is a fairy tale.

I recommend this book for readers who like fairy tales and have a sense of humor. I think that they would like it because it is funny and it has a lot of characters from other fairy tales. People in grades two to five will like this book. They will like this book as a read aloud book and a book to read to themselves.

Caroline P. is a student in Mrs. Giammusso's 3rd Grade Class