Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Sana C. (age 8) and Kasheem D. (age 8)

The story Thunder Cake is about Patricia overcoming her fears with her grandmother?s help. While they make the cake Patricia overcomes her fears. The lesson of the book is that you can?t just run away from your fears, you have to face them. This book is mainly about Patricia facing her fears while helping her grandmother bake a cake. Actually the baking of the cake is what helps her deal with her fears. Also in the book she learns a new fact about thunder.

Our opinion of the story is that this book teaches people a lesson that you should not make fun of people if they don?t know how to read.

We would recommend this book to Ms. Rubenstein because she helps us with our work and she?s afraid that one of us will get left back. I liked this book because it was very interesting. If you like Patricia Polacco books you?ll LOVE this book! I think that if you read this book you?ll never stop reading this BOOK!

Sana C. and Kasheem D. are students in Ms. Rubenstein and Pam's 3rd Grade Class