The Magician's Nephew

Written by C.S. Lewis
Illustrated by Pauline Baynes

Reviewed by Joe V. (age 11)

The book starts out with Digory and his friend Poly. They are walking through a chain of houses to an empty house to explore but they stop one house early. When they enter it they find themselves in Digory's Uncle's private study. Digroy's Uncle offers Poly a ring. When she touches it she vanishes. Then Digory touched one of the rings and was sent to a place called Narnia. They are surrounded by trees and pools. They walk in to one of the pools and go to a different world. This is where they meet the witch named Jadis. She has power of great evil. When she goes with the children she is drained of the power that she holds. Digory's Uncle thinks that he is going to marry the witch. He also wants the rings that can transport people. What happens to the witch and Narnia? Find out by reading the book.

I liked this book because it always surprised me. It was like you knew Digory and then he does something that you didn't expect. The book made me think that you can't know everything. There is always something to be discovered. This reminds me of when my brothers and I went in the woods and we thought we had found another world.

I would recommend this book to someone that likes action and adventure. People from first grade to adulthood would like this book. One of the exciting things is that they travel to different worlds.

Joe V. is a student in Mr. Sala's 5th Grade Class