Written by Bram Stoker

Reviewed by Zach F. (age 11)

Mr.Renfield, an estate salesman, travels to Trannslyvania to meet his client, Count Dracula. When he arrives, the Count greets him with a warm welcome. That night, Dracula puts some sleeping potion in his drink, bites him and puts him in a trance. The next day, they get on a boat called the Vesta and travel to London. After they arrive, Renfield, acting terribly mad, is thrown in the sanitarium. While Dracula roams the streets at night, everyone is in danger. Will Dr. Van Helsing be able to defeat this fiendish creature? Read the book to find out!

I liked this book because it made me curious. My favorite part is when Dr. Van Helsing is fighting off Count Dracula. I thought Van Helsing and Renfield were interesting characters because they were always unpredictable.

I recommend this book for people who like mysterious stories.

Zach F. is a student in Mr. Sala's 5th Grade Class