The Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Written by Mike Thaler • Illustrated by Jared Lee

Reviewed by Remy M. (age 8) and Emma B. (age 8)

This book is about a boy that needs to take music class in school. The kids say the new music teacher is just horrible! The teacher's name is Miss LaNote. They say she makes you sing in front of the whole school, in front of the whole class, in front of the girls! Find out if the new music teacher is as bad as they say she is, or if she's just the opposite!

We think this book is very funny because all of the kids are saying scary things like, "If you get one note wrong, Miss LaNote will zap you with her laser baton!" We think this book is great. It always makes us laugh!

Emma's favorite part is when the kids say Miss LaNote uses a pitch fork to keep all of the kids on the same key! Remy's favorite part is when Miss LaNote tells you what kind of voice you have. There are the all-toes who sing through their toes, and the sopran-nose who sing through their noses! We love this book!

We recommend this book to people of all ages and people who love to laugh because this book has a great sense of humor. People that like disgusting things will like this book because there are a lot disgusting parts in the book. We recommend this book to people from ages 1 to 100 and we hope you read this book.

Remy M. and Emma B. are students in Lori, Melissa and Pam's 2nd Grade Class (1)