The Story of an Old Dog and His Couch

Written by Susan Seligson • Illustrated by Howie Schneider

Reviewed by Gabriel D. (age 8)

Amos is an old dog who lives with his owners. One day Amos tries to catch a fly but misses it and hits something else that makes the couch he's sitting on move. This couch goes from place to place like a car. Amos follows his owners everyhwere they go while sitting on this couch. One day he gets stuck in traffic. His owners get back first and see that Amos is not home. They are sad when they cannot find him. They think that they might never see him again. So from then on they take Amos with them everywhere they go. But sometimes Amos takes them places on his moving couch.

I think this book is interesting because something unusual happens to the couch. My favorite part is when the couch "becomes alive". This is exciting to me because couches really don't move on their own. The illustrations in this book are mostly black and white but sometimes the artist uses three other colors: red, green, and brown. These colors are not used on every page but on just a few pages to make the pictures interesting.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny and interesting books. This book will make you laugh when the couch takes Amos on some interesting adventures.

Gabriel D. is a student in Mrs. Dengel's 2nd Grade Class