Rainbow of My Own

Written by Don Freeman • Illustrated by Don Freeman

Reviewed by Carson M. (age 6)

The little boy looks out of his window and sees a rainbow that he wants to catch. He puts on his yellow raincoat, rain hat and boots, and goes outside to try and catch the rainbow. He runs as fast as he can after the rainbow, but he can not catch it.

I liked the story because the little boy was like me. The pictures in the book had lots of pretty colors like a rainbow does. I enjoyed the part at the end when the suns shines in his bedroom window and makes a rainbow in the goldfish bowl. The story makes you feel nice when you are reading it.

I know my friends would like this book. They would learn about the colors in a rainbow, and find out if you really can catch a rainbow.

Carson M. is a student in Ms. Moore's Reading Club