The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Written by C.S. Lewis
Illustrated by Pauline Baynes

Reviewed by Mara S (age 10)

In the story the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe there is a little girl named Lucy She used to go in a wardrobe with fairy people. In this world she meets a faun. The faun had half of a human body and half of a goat?s body and horns on it head. She goes with him to his house. At his house they have tea and bread. Later after she gets out of the wardrobe she tells her brothers and sisters. They make fun of her and say she is coo-coo. (Wardrobe: A little closet)

Her brothers and sister names are Susan, Peter, and Edmund. They go see a professor. He is an old teacher. Later in the story, Edmund went to the wardrobe to hide because they was playing hide and seek. He noticed that it was getting cold in there. He tripped and fell inside the world. In there he met a Queen. Her name was The Queen Narina . She asked him a whole lot of questions. After that she told him to get on the sleigh she was riding.

She got nice and gave him a dish called "Turkish Delight." He really liked that dish! Then he told the queen that he was cold. (He had shorts and a short sleeves shirt!) She let him get in her coat and be warm. She told him where she lived she told him because she wanted to see his brothers and sisters. Lucy found out that the queen was a witch, the faun told her.

Lucy saw Edmund in the world. She told him there is a witch. She calls herself Queen Narina . Edmund told Lucy that was a lie. Lucy told him that the Faun told her that she would turn kids into stone for her collection. Peter and Susan went to the wardrobe to see what was happening, but before that Edmund told Peter and Edmund said that they were playing fake. Then Edmund made Lucy miserable because he lied.

Then a long time after that event the kids met a lion named Alsan .He was powerful enough to make it spring or summer .The Queens friends and accompaniments killed Alsan .Lucy and Susan were crying to death .Then they started leaving and they heard a noise. CRASH! Alsan wasn?t there .The girls got worried .Alsan was behind the two girls .The girls squealed with joy .Then they started playing with him .They all had a big celebration!

My opinion about this story is that it is wonderful. I think that because the lion didn?t die. My other opinion is that this book was a little sad because I thought the lion died .My last opinion is this was a perfect story for me scary , sad ,and exciting I recommend this book to all fifth and fourth graders because it?s right on reading level.

Mara S is a member in C.E.S. 28 - NY Mission Society / TASC After-School Program's Group 10 (2002-2003)