Pig Pig Grows Up

Written by David McPhail • Illustrated by David McPhail

Reviewed by Drew E. (age 6) and Chasen G. (age 6)

Once there was a pig named Pig Pig. He refused to grow up. He still wore his baby pajamas. He still slept in his crib. He still sat in his high chair. When Pig Pig went to the store, when he saw something he wanted to get, he would cry until his mother would get it for him. One day Pig Pig's mom was pushing Pig Pig up a hill in his stroller and the stroller fell down the hill. A baby caught Pig Pig's eye. Pig Pig stopped the stroller and the baby was safe.

We recommend this book because we like babies and because the pictures are nice. It tells about how he grows up. Pig Pig looks like he's grown up but he acts like he's not.

Drew E. and Chasen G. are students in Julie's 1st Grade Class