Written by Leo Lionni • Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Amanda F. (age 7)

Swim, Swimmy, swim! Swimmy is about a little black fish named . . . Swimmy! The rest of the fish in his school are red. One day a big fish eats the school. Only Swimmy escapes. He meets another school and develops a plan to scare the big fish. What could it be?

I think Swimmy is a good book for kids who like fishing. Swimmy reminds me of when I went to Cape Cod and fished with my dad, my sister, and my friend Hannah. It also connects to what I'm studying. It does not matter what color you are, you can still work together. So I think Leo Lionni was not only talking about fish working together, but people, too. If you liked this review . . . READ THE BOOK!

Amanda F. is a student in Karen's 2nd Grade Class